A few days ago, we introduced C14, the reliable, secure and affordable data archiving & long-term backup solution starting at €0.002 per GB / month!

Today we are super excited to share with you that C14 is totally free during July and August. All operations and recurring fees are free of charge during this period.

C14 is based on self-manufactured, efficient and cost-efficient hardware designed in Online's electronic labs. In front, the control panel lets you manage your data efficiently. The APIs will let you automate all your archival operations and create automated disaster recovery plans.

Our solution is the most affordable cold storage platform on the market. You can upload up to 40TB per archive with an unlimited number of archives, using secure industry standard protocols: SFTP, Rsync or SCP.

How is C14 different from traditional object storage solution?

C14 is a long-term backup and data archiving service. It’s the ideal solution to store any kind of infrequently accessed data: backups, videos, photos, logs, documents and anything you want to keep. It's the basement of your digital life. It's THE solution for disaster recovery plans and all the data you want to keep, just in case.

Why did you design your hardware?

Our custom hardware fits exactly with our requirements — security, stability, reliability — at no extra cost. We benefit from our hardware manufacturing experience as some Online dedicated servers (Dedibox SC and XC) and all Scaleway servers are designed by our internal lab.

How does C14 pricing works?

C14 pricing is pretty simple and without hidden fees. You are billed 0.002€ per GB/month and 0.01€ per operation/GB. The bandwidth and transfer are totally free.
During july and august 2016, everything is free to let you discover the product.

What is an operation?

An operation is the action of archiving, unarchiving, deleting or scrubbing manually your data.

How much does it cost me to archive 100GB of data for 12 months?

This example shows how you are billed for the following scenario:

  1. Create a safe box - Free
  • Create an archive and upload 100GB of data — Free
  • Archiving the data to C14 — €0.01 * 100 = €1
  • Store the archive in C14 for 12 months — €0.002 * 100GB * 12 months = €2.4
  • De-archiving after 12 months — €0.01 * 100 = €1
  • Download your archive content — Free
  • Remove your archive — €0.01 * 100 = €1

Is there a limit on the amount of data can I store?

There is no limitation on the amount of data you can store on C14.
Note that an archive cannot exceed a size of 40TB. There is no limitation on the number of archives you can create.

What’s behind the scene?

The software that runs C14 was built from scratch. The following schema intends to help you understand how we handle, archive and unarchive your data.

Where can I find more details about your design?

Our design is not yet public. In a short period we will release some information on how we run C14, you will love it. Stay tuned!

Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored in our fallout shelter, located 25 meters under the ground in Paris, France, starting in September 2016.
This unique datacenter is known without any natural, technological or military risk, it's the right place to host your precious data.

Do you offer multi-site replication?

Starting in September 2016 we will offer you the opportunity to replicates your data across multi-site. With the multi-site replication, every archive uploaded to C14 will be automatically replicated to a different geographic location.

Today, C14 offers the best price/GB ratio on the market to keep your data secure and safe.

We'd like to thank you and all of the beta testers for the feedbacks, which helped us to provide the best cloud data storage platform!

If you have any feedback, pricing or technical question, tweet us at @online_en or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.

Happy data archiving!