You can now use Block Storage volumes in Poland (pl-waw-1)! Why be limited by your instance’s local storage volume? Here are 5 reasons to use Scaleway Block Storage:

#1 Expand your virtual instances’ storage space on-the-fly

By resizing your existing block volumes or adding new ones. A virtual instance can attach up to 15 volumes with a maximum size of 10TB.
Instances section - Scaleway console

#2 Ensure your data is redundant & highly secure

3 times data replication: Your volumes are highly available and remain accessible even in case of disk failure.
Persistent volumes: A Block Storage volume can run unattached to a virtual instance, allowing you to keep your data after deleting a virtual instance or cluster.
Snapshots: Duplicate or keep a copy of your volumes thanks to snapshots.

#3 Create a Block Storage volume in a matter of seconds

By using our user-friendly Scaleway console, the CLI or a DevOps tool like Terraform.
Instances section - Scaleway console
Create a Block Storage volume

#4 Move your data from one instance to another in a few clicks

By detaching and reattaching your volumes without any downtime.
Instances section - Scaleway Console

#5 Host your latency-critical, frequently accessed & sensitive data

And last but not least, our Block Storage is powered by SSDs to guarantee a minimum of 5,000 IOPS (input/output operations per second).

You can start using Block Storage through the Scaleway console (Instances section) or API (use "volume_type": "b_ssd"). Check out our documentation or developers website to learn more!