A few weeks ago, we announced the hot snapshot public preview on all Virtual Cloud Servers to create point-in-time backups of your volumes while your server is running. Hot snapshots allow you to backup your volume while your server is running. It also enable to easily spawn new servers using the snapshot as the base image. Data recovery is now easier than ever.

We received very positive feedback from users who tested this new feature as a preview.

All cloud riders now have access to the hot snapshot feature on Virtual Cloud Servers to backup their volumes in one-click without any downtime. It is no longer required to turn off an instance to perform a snapshot!

Hot snapshots fees are the same as cold snapshot, you are charged €0.50 per 25 GB of snapshot data per month or €0.001 per hour.

To improve your experience, we also enhanced the way snapshots are performed on BareMetal Cloud Servers. To date, performing a snapshot on BareMetal servers meant: archiving your machine, wait during the upload of the server volumes to the disk store, and then create a snapshot. This operation was dreadful and unpleasant.

To ease and boost your experience, we introduced a new server action: Stop-In-Place.

Screenshot of the new stop in place feature

With this action, your server is powered off and all underlying resources remain allocated to you. This way, you can perform consistent snapshots and backups with ease and do not need to archive your server to save your data, saving time during the snapshot.

Provisioning Performance Improvement

For the past weeks, our teams also worked on increasing server provisioning performance. You can now provision hundreds of servers and get them running in a few minutes. For instance a batch power-on of three hundred nodes now takes 12 minutes instead of more than one hour before. This improvement is ideal for those who require massive computing power during a short timeframe.

Thank you for your trust! We hope these new improvements and features will enhance your experience with Scaleway. If you have any pricing or technical questions, join us on the community platform, tweet us at @scaleway or open a support ticket, we're always happy to help.

Happy Cloud Riding!

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