To follow-up on Scaleday announcements, we are proud to introduce the new Bare Metal Cloud Servers in our public cloud ecosystem, Scaleway Elements. They are designed to transform the way you build your IT architectures.

Starting from today, you can benefit from a high-end dedicated server from €0.400€ excl.VAT/hour (one-hour minimum). Just as for our virtual instances, the monthly cap is applied at 500 hours of uninterrupted usage.

Pricing table of Bare Metal Cloud offers - Prices excl. VAT

A new generation of Bare Metal Cloud, different from our first C1 (ARM) and C2(x86) Bare Metal instances. BMaaS inherits from the experience and expertise of the Dedibox team as well as our Public Cloud Ecosystem, Scaleway Elements.

Hardware - High-end processors

At the Hardware level, there is no comparison because we offer very high-end hardware based on AMD EPYC or Intel Xeon processors. The HP-BM1-XL machine is powered by 2 Gold 6140 processors providing 36 cores (72 threads) with a frequency of 2.30 GHz.

CPU benchmark produced with GEEKBENCH - Website:

This means more options for your punctual needs (examples: test, demo or data model calculation environment) or for temporary load overflow on a part of your infrastructure.

Hardware - High-performance SSD disks

Bare Metal Cloud servers are provided with high-performance SSD disks and a soft RAID depending on the server model.

Disks Benchmark performed with the Benchmark disk IOs tool - Website:


Regarding the network level, the servers are delivered with a public IP address and a bandwidth from 500Mb/s to 1Gb/s. The Scaleway Elements ecosystem allows you to add a Load Balancer to increase security and availability.

Cloud Ecosystem

At the Application level and in our Cloud ecosystem, Bare Metal Cloud servers are easily managed through the Scaleway console (fast and user-friendly) or the API and the CLI. Soon, you will be able to control your servers using "infrastructure as code" tools such as Terraform or Ansible.

As of today, the Linux distributions Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS are available. Access to KVM over IP (remote access in IPMI) allows you to install the operating system or hypervisor you of you choice This KVM access also allows you to have control over the machine in the event of an incident.

Start now

To create your Bare Metal Cloud server in just a few minutes, here is the link ;)

If you have any pricing or technical questions, you can reach us on the Slack community platform, on Twitter @scaleway or by opening a support ticket, we are always happy to help you.