A few days ago we announced the availability of three new InstantApps in the ImageHub: Discourse, Gitlab and Torrents.

There has been a huge community demand for all of these images and they are now ready to be deployed in a click on your C1 server. At Scaleway, we love these Apps and we use them in production!


GitLab is a web based Git repository manager with code reviews, wiki, activity feeds, and issue tracking features. GitLab lets you push and manage your code on your own server, allowing you to host your code in a totaly private way. It's open source and built in Ruby on Rails, you can read and modify the source as you need.

To provide this image we use the Omnibus package for ARM, that lets us set-up your server quickly instead of running the full install. You can read the GitLab blog post about the ARM Omnibus package here.
The code we use to build the InstantApp image is available on GitHub.

Starting a C1 running GitLab is a 1 click process:

  1. Create your server with the GitLab InstantApp
  2. Once your server up, in your browser sign-in to gitlab with username root and password 5iveL!fe.

Your 50GB SSD C1 server with GitLab is ready to use!


Discourse is an open source forum application removing the dark side aspect of traditional forum. Discourse comes with live updates, expanding links, drag and drop attachments, infinite scrolling and more features.

No need to follow the installation process, the InstantApp image of Discourse lets you enjoy the power and simplicity of Discourse in a second.
As always, the code to build the image is available on GitHub.

Deploy your Discourse forum from the ImageHub, and enjoy a new way to converse.


The torrents image spawns a private server to upload and download your digital files.
Get your seedbox in 1 click with 150GB of SSD and 200Mbit/s for just €0.028/hr!

The torrents image is powered with:

  • ruTorrent, a web interface to add, list, remove and download your torrents
  • rTorrent, the software actually used to download your torrents

No complex install is required, open your browser, and go to your server public IP to run the installer. Everything is setup, happy downloading! :)