Scaleway, the second-largest European public cloud player, announces the launch of Stardust, a new virtual instance. At just a quarter of a Euro cent per hour, it is impossible to beat the pricing structure of Scaleway’s Stardust.

Scaleway is well-known for its innovative approach and for offering top-end services at a fraction of the prices of major US and European Cloud Service Providers. With the launch of Stardust, Scaleway once again demonstrates its unquenchable thirst for innovation and desire to continue providing its customers with game-changing offers.

Scaleway is proud to introduce Stardust, a brand new compute instance compatible with its world-class cloud ecosystem. Stardust instances are available with 1 vCPU, 1GB of RAM, 1 IPv4 address, 10GB of local storage and up to 100Mbps Bandwidth at just €0.0025/hour, meaning a quarter of a Euro cent per hour. Like the other compute instances (Development and General Purpose) on offer with Scaleway, Stardust can be isolated from the public network using the Private Networks service.

Existing customers can also deploy Stardust instances for use cases such as creating their own workers free from vendor lock-in, configuring triggers and daemons, as well as small Load-Balanced LAMP websites, VPN or Network Bastions.

This new instance is a real token of maturity for Scaleway - every service, feature and scenario currently provided via its DEV1-S instances will also be available on Stardust Instances. Through the launch of this impressively priced instance, Scaleway demonstrates its high-quality cloud infrastructure offering that comes at the best price on the market. Customers can take advantage of this new instance to trust the whole Scaleway ecosystem with their projects and workloads.

Stardust instances will first be launched with limited stock, and a quota of two instances per account: one in the PAR1 region, and one in AMS1, allowing cloud-native infrastructures to be tested with load balancing across different regions. More Stardust instances will be released on a regular basis for new and existing customers.

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