Scaleway Elements provides a wide range of Development, General Purpose, as well as GPU Instances that provide a dedicated NVIDIA Tesla P100 GPU with 16 GB RAM.

Choosing the optimal virtual instance depends on your workload and has an impact on your whole project: an oversized instance would result in higher operating costs while its resources are underused. In addition, an undersized instance would cause performance issues for your applications when the CPU or RAM allocations are fully used at all times.

Scaleway Elements provides a wide range of Virtual Instance types. They are divided into four main categories and are designed for different use cases.

Instance Range Available Resources CPU Cores CPU Model Pricing
From 2 GB to 12 GB RAM
From 20 GB to 120 GB NVMe SSD
From 2 to 12 vCPU AMD EPYC From €2.99/month
or €0.006/hour
General Purpose
From 16 GB to 256 GB RAM
From 150 GB to 600 GB NVMe SSD
From 4 to 48 vCPU AMD EPYC From €39/month
or €0.078/hour
10 cores
1 dedicated GPU
Intel Xeon
Gold 6148
or €1.00/hour

All of them come with flexible IPs and features like backups, security groups and are easy to deploy on a wide range of different operating systems and InstantApps.

This guide illustrates the differences between the instance types and will help you to find the optimal virtual instance for your project.

Development Instances

Development Instances are our entry-level compute instances. They provide solid performances and are ideally designed for development or testing environments, but also for applications that have low to medium load and are not mission-critical. Development Instances are available in various configurations, from small instances providing 2 vCPUs and 20 GB of SSD storage up to larger configurations providing 12 vCPUs and 120 GB of NVMe SSD storage. The service level agreement (SLA) of these instances is at 99.95 %.

These instances are ideally suited for the following use-cases:

  • Development and testing environments
  • Hosting of personal or low traffic websites
  • Personal VPN services
  • Repository hosting with Git applications

Development Instances provide the performances required for smaller projects and development environments. For mission-critical applications and projects that require guaranteed performances and consume a larger amount of resources, we recommend to use our General Purpose Instances.

General Purpose Instances

General Purpose Instances have been designed with the need for performance in mind. All five configurations are all based on AMD EPYC CPUs and provide from 4 to 48 vCPUs and a core-to-RAM ratio of 4:1 — the optimal configuration for demanding workloads.
With up to 600 GB of NVMe SSD storage, they provide enough storage capacity, even for larger projects.
General Purpose Instances have been designed to host your production environments and come with a service level agreement (SLA) of 99.99 %. They also offer unlimited data transfer.

General Purpose Instances are ideally suited for use-cases like:

  • Hosting of production environments of medium to high traffic websites
  • Running of medium-sized database servers
  • Hosting of e-commerce sites and webshops

GPU Instances

GPU Instances are equipped with 10 Intel Xeon Gold 6148 cores, coming with specific AVX-512 instructions as well as with 45 GB of RAM. A 16-GB NVIDIA Tesla P100 is directly exposed to the instances through PCI Express without any over-provisioning. These instances are designed for production workloads in artificial intelligence, 3D rendering, and ultra-high-definition video encoding.
Typical tasks for GPU instances include:

  • Calculating of large datasets
  • Video encoding
  • Machine learning

Choosing the Optimal Instance for Your Project

The best way to select the optimal instance for your project is to reflect your use-case and to run benchmarks and testing of your workload on the different instance types. If you know that your application is particularly resources hungry, make sure the instance you choose provides enough RAM and CPU performance to handle peak loads.
For any application in production, we recommend the usage of General Purpose instances as they provide a well-balanced ratio of RAM and computing power, as well as storage for larger projects.
Development Instances are perfect for testing and developing applications as well for non-critical applications such as personal websites or blogs.
ARM instances are perfectly fitted for mobile development and CI/CD tasks, as all of our virtual instances they can scale-up according to your needs with a few clicks in the Scaleway console.

For dedicated performances and larger projects we also provide Bare Metal Servers which provide 100 % dedicated hardware for demanding projects. In the near future also our specialized and managed services like Kubernetes Kapsule, a managed Kubernetes servcice for automatic deployment, simplified management and scaling of your containerized applications and Serverless, a managed service to run and deploy your applications without worrying about your infrastructure will be available in General Availability.

In case you need further advice on which instance type to choose, do not hesitate to contact our sales advisors by phone +33 1 84 13 00 50 or by ticket from your Scaleway Elements console.